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Website Developers

Your website is the online representation of your company; therefore, we know the importance of providing you with a functional, inspiring and easy-to-navigate website.

Our website development company has a team of professional website developers, proficient in multiple programming languages, ready to create the perfect website for your company. We will make sure that your website is manageable and up-to-date with all the latest technology and design trends.

Starbright is a one-stop shop for all your website requirements. Speak to one of our consultants for tailor-made solutions to enhance your company’s online visibility.

Unique Website Design

Showcase your products and services in the most effective way. We design websites that visually communicate the right perception of your company or brand to your consumers. If you would like to entice potential customers with a unique website design, don’t hesitate to speak us.

Initial SEO Setup 

To rank well in Google Search and on other search engines, your site needs to adhere to all Google’s strict rules as well as be fully optimised without any issues. We have expert SEO Specialists and SEO Copywriters that will lay a firm SEO foundation for your website. We optimise your website pages with relevant content to prepare your website to be ranked on search engines, such as Google. We also make the overall website experience convenient for web surfers; this means we ensure pages load fast, the website is easy to navigate and none of your pages have issues.

To make sure that you continue ranking on search engines, you may want to consider Digital Marketing.


Landing Pages / One-Page Websites

One of the latest, quickest and most affordable web development trends is one-page website or landing paged for businesses. Our on-page websites look great on any device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. This is because the contents of the website is limited, making it easy to create a slick, appealing and easy to scroll through website.

The purpose of a landing page is to lead people to complete a call-to-action on your website so that you can convert website visitors into leads or sales.

We believe that every business needs a professional online presence. If you are a new or an existing small business, you will only get one chance to make an unforgettable impression when a potential client visits your website - we can help you make the most of that chance!

So, what do you get?

  • Landing Page – We provide a uniquely designed, mobile-friendly one-page website.
  • Domain Name – A domain name is your website address. We register your domain name at a nominal fee.
  • One-Page Website – We assist you with a modern and functional design layout as well as provide relevant content that is SEO-friendly.
  • Website Hosting – We have state-of-the-art servers that ensure a 99.9% rate of online uptime on the Internet. This ensures that your site will be available 24/7.

Small Business Websites

A website is essential for small businesses; in fact, it is essential for anybody selling a product or service. Regardless of what type of marketing your company does, once a potential customer has seen any of your marketing material, they should be able to find you online to find out more about your company.

We create websites that are user-friendly for small businesses. If this is your first website, we will guide your through your digital journey from start to finish. If you already have an existing website, we can update your website to ensure it stays current and secure.

So, what do you get?

  • A Unique Design - You get a design that is as unique as your company.
  • A Content Management System (CMS) - We give you access to your new website with an easy-to-use system; therefore, you can update content yourself.
  • Website Training - We provide training so that you can efficiently manage your website.
  • Initial SEO Setup - We even add in keywords, phrases and submit your website to Google.

Content Management Systems

Even though we have a host of website developers available to help with content changes on your website, we want to give you the opportunity to manage your website. We provide easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS) to support the creation and modification of digital content on your website. You will have access to edit, change and add information on your website yourself. We also provide training to ensure that you are fully capable of managing your own website.

Benefits of using a CMS:

  • Easy editing of website content
  • Multiple users can be added to the system
  • Value for money
  • Design flexibility
  • Website data can be analysed, i.e. number actions taken on your page

Starbright uses a CMS called Drupal and other Open Source tools to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Drupal CMS is a widely popular CMS that is used and trusted by thousands of organisations all around the world.

We are also more than efficient in WordPress based websites.

Corporate Websites

Our website developers design and develop functional, professional corporate for companies. A corporate company’s biggest asset is their brand. Building a successful brand can mean the difference between having a company that has a name and having a company that is a name.

We will create a website that is tailored to your specific brand while adding value to users who visit it.

We are a proud website development company that can take great looking websites and make them great working websites as well.

Some of the modules that can be implemented to improve the user experience include:

  • Share & exchange rate ticker
  • Events calendar
  • Booking systems for appointments, events or accommodation
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • Online document repository with secure login
  • Secure member portal
  • Forums & Blogs
  • Image Galleries
  • E-commerce systems
  • Lead tracking and management