Responsive Websites / Mobile Friendly Websites

Websites That Look Great On Any Device

In the age of smartphones and tablets, responsive websites have become a non-negotiable “must-have” for any business that understands the importance of having a decent online presence.

A responsive website can be viewed on various sized devices, from smartphones to “normal” computer screens, without compromising the users’ experience.

Having a website that responds to multiple screen resolutions is so important that Google has even, unofficially, added this to their ranking criteria. Websites searched on mobile devices are now labelled as “Mobile Friendly Websites”.

The top advantages of Responsive Websites include:

  • Expanding your reach to the smartphone and tablet audience
  • Ensuring excellent user experience across all devices
  • Saving time and cost on site management
  • Google will love you for it
  • We can make (most) existing websites responsive!