Firewall And Internet Security

Maximise Your Internet Security

Are you struggling to get control over what your users are spending expensive resources on?

  • World class Internet security solution that can scale to any business size.
  • Save on bandwidth during peak times of the day, when Internet resources are really needed for business productivity, by filtering out all unwanted traffic such as P2P and other unwanted content downloads.
  • Filter out unwanted content like spyware, pornography, Internet ads, suspicious websites, and other non-work related content.
  • Increase user productivity by allowing business owners to limit time spent on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Access from anywhere with secure state of the art VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology between branches and remote users.
  • User behaviour monitoring using the powerful transparent web proxy’s extensive log reporting module.
  • Modular in design ensures that you only run what is needed and nothing more.


Some of our services include (but are not limited to) the following: