Digital Marketing

In the world of Content and Digital Marketing, strategy, planning and implementation are the key factors to a successful marketing campaign. At Starbright, we create unique strategies specifically designed to suit your business’s individual needs. The core of any Digital Marketing Strategy is return on investment (ROI) and we ensure that it stays our main focus.

We believe in building personal relationships. We know that a company is not just a name; it is driven and managed by the people behind it, therefore we strive to develop strong yet comfortable relationships with all our clients.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we specialise in:

Setting up social media platforms and integrating a social media strategy to pinpoint your exact target market and their preferences in order to maximise your social media presence.

A system developed by Google to market your product or service via specifically chosen placed text when individuals “search” for specific phrases. This is an effective way to generate leads to your website or landing page.

Using certain techniques to increase the traffic to your website by making the content visible in Google’s search engine through organic or unpaid results.

Going hand-in-hand with SEO, by increasing the flow of traffic to your website through unique, informative content - positively influencing the consumer’s view of your product or service.

An extremely cost-effective way to create leads and drive traffic to your website by being able to accurately target your exact target market – connecting the right businesses to the right people.

Being able to drive an abundant amount of followers from Twitter to various other social media platforms, including your website, to reinforce your brand through keyword targeting.

Creating credible, SEO - optimised content for your website to clearly convey your brand and the message you’re trying to portray- creating better search engine rankings for online success.

To communicate with your clients in a cost-effective and measurable manner by sending out regular emails or SMS’s about relevant products and news snippets, to keep your clients up-to-date and engaged.